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Dear youth participant and parent/guardian:

Thank you for your interest in attending Camp fYrefly.

Camp fYrefly is an adult-facilitated and peer-mentored summer leadership camp for youth ages 14 to 24.  Approximately, 50 LGBTQ2S+ youth join us at each location (Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Ontario) every summer for a camp experience of learning, fun, and making new friends!

Camp fYrefly uses an arts-based educational philosophy, which focuses on building and nurturing the leadership potential and personal resiliency of youth in an effort to help them become agents for positive social change in their schools, families, and communities.

The award winning programming at Camp fYrefly’s is guided by input from youth and facilitated by trained educators and youth workers in collaboration with a team of artists, counsellors, community, and youth leaders. We emphasize a by-youth-for-youth approach in which older youth and adult facilitators mentor and help to support younger youth. The Camp is jam-packed with dance, drama, music, writing, visual art, empowerment and reflection exercises, anti-oppression work, personal growth opportunities, health education, healthy socialization, and in-depth learning activities about specific youth topics and social issues. It is our hope that by focusing on four key areas: leadership, individual development, socialization, and resiliency that Camp fYrefly supports the youth we serve during camp, and beyond into their daily lives.

Camp fYrefly exists because we believe that all youth are entitled to a world that embraces diversity rather than fearing it. We try to create that world, a world that lives out the fYrefly acronym, which stands for: fostering, Youth, resiliency, energy, fun, leadership, yeah!

Camp fYrefly is a powerful and unique experience, as we focus on developing leadership qualities through activities that challenge youth to explore identity, build resilience, and enhance self- and social-esteem. Camp fYrefly would like each youth participant to be able to return home with a “resilient mindset” and a support network of positive friendships, trusted adult mentors, and an empowered sense of self. The Camp is developed to help motivate participants to become leaders in their own communities, thereby passing on their leadership skills to the youth that come after them. In addition to our powerful camp workshops, adult mentors with professional backgrounds in teaching, counselling, policing, medicine, and spirituality will be available to help guide and support youth at camp.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime should you have questions about Camp fYrefly and/or the application procedure.

Thank you for your interest in joining us at Camp fYrefly this summer!

Information you need to know before you apply:

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