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fYrefly in Schools is an educational initiative developed to help reduce discrimination against sexual and gender minority youth, increase awareness of the impacts of homophobia and transphobia, and equip students with the tools they need to become effective allies for diversity, equity, and human rights within their schools and communities. Experienced educators facilitate student-centered and activity-based workshops with help from a youth peer education team. The fYrefly in Schools program is grounded in the fact that all students in Alberta's schools must be provided with a safe and caring environment free from discrimination based on personal characteristics including sexual orientation and gender identity.


For more information about our fYrefly in Schools program, please see our brochure and review our frequently asked questions.


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In your email please include your name, phone number, school name, subject, grade, and period times. Please note we prefer to book for entire mornings or entire afternoons.      


fYrefly in Schools and Parental Consent 

fYrefly in Schools is guided by Alberta laws and ensures programs are regulated by the Alberta School Act. As per the 2014 Legislative Assembly of Alberta’s Bill 10 amendments to the Alberta School Act & Alberta Education Act, there is no requirement for parental notification by a teacher when instructional materials include discussion of gender identity, sexual orientation, or gender expression (see Section 58.1 (1)). Notification is only required when instructional materials are primarily dealing with religion or human sexuality (for example: sexual health, STIs, contraception).

Bill 10’s ascension paved the way for fYrefly in Schools to participate in classroom contexts as a Human Rights program. As a Human Rights program, fYrefly in Schools is exempt from any obligation to parental notification. Here is how we navigate the complexities of this conversation and how we train our Educators:

Educators and volunteer panelists know that they are not to delve into sexual health questions during sessions. It is possible that they may discuss attraction, or who they may enter into relationships, or partnerships with. (this is protected under the human rights act and removed from 11.1). There could also be discussion around asexuality, in that those who identify this way may not experience sexual/physical attraction.

Resources and Guides - Bill 10 and Bill 24

Legislation: Alberta School Act 2017 

Bill 24, 2017: An Act to Support GSAs 

Bill 24 Quick Fact Sheet 

Bill 10, 2014: An Act to Amend the Alberta Bills of Rights to Protect Our Children