Camp fYrefly Schedule

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Camp fYrefly is set-up the same as any youth summer camp, which means we provide accommodations, meals, activities, workshops, counselling support, and so much more! The schedule includes multiple, concurrent daily workshop sessions, large group activities including plenary sessions by special guests, free time, and structured time that allows Campers and their Youth Leaders to check-in and debrief with each other in small groups. We also host a talent showcase on the last night of camp, which over time has become the heart of our programming. Past Camp schedules have variously included field trips to a movie theatre, art galleries, swimming pools, and we are always looking for new opportunities for campers.

Questions, Comments, or Feedback Regarding the Schedule?

The Camp schedules are continually evolving and are a direct reflection of the opinions, experiences, and ideas from past, present, and future fYreflies! Please, if there is anything you would like to ask or share regarding the schedule, contact us!