Camp fYrefly


Each summer at Camp fYrefly, over 80 campers, youth leaders, and volunteers contribute to the creation of a space where LGBTQ2S+ youth are supported to develop their leadership skills and personal resiliency. With multiple camps across the country, over 50 campers at each location, and dozens of volunteers, we continually hear stories that speak to the positive impact Camp fYrefly has left on the lives of participants. 

We have compiled a collection of testimonials from Campers and Youth Leaders, Adult Volunteers, Parents, and Donors of Camp fYrefly Participants and would love to share some of their positive experiences with you. While we could continue telling you about how wonderful the Camp fYrefly experience can be, we thought it would be better to let you read the words of former participants for yourself! As one youth participant reminded us, "Camp fyrefly doesn't just change lives, it saves them."

Please take a moment to read, first hand, the impact fYrefly has had on the journey of self-discovery for these youth.