What do Adults have to Say About Camp fYrefly?

Adult Volunteers serve an important mentoring role for both Campers and Youth Leaders' this is a vital role at Camp. After Camp we invite Adult Volunteers to share their experiences with us. Here are some of the comments our Adult Volunteers had to share:

"My most rewarding experience at Camp was watching the Campers arrive on day one - one Camper in particular who was especially quiet and reserved - and watching them settle in and make new friends. Then, on the last day, seeing how they evolved and opened up to one another and gained each other's trust and friendship. That was one of the most amazing things to see."

"I think just being able to get to know a group of young people who are so accepting, both of themselves and of others, was my most rewarding experience at Camp. I think the safe zone that exists is something that is so hard to come across, and is a good reminder of how important Camp fYrefly really is. Also, just knowing that I was able to be part of something that is so vital to the youth is a huge privilege."

"When everyone was packing up to go, I heard a youth on the phone with his mom, and he said: 'I don't want to go home. I love it here, mom. I made friends here. I don't want it to be over yet.' This youth was one in my Pod. I saw him go from being a super quiet kid, who on the first night didn't really know what he thought of Camp, to not wanting to leave by the end. This youth also had a really rough time at school, so knowing that he had found a community was so special to me. He's one of the kids that I can't wait to see next year so I can hug him and see who he's become."