What do our Donors have to Say About Camp fYrefly?

People support Camp fYrefly for a number of reasons, and we thought the best way for you to understand why would be to share them with you! Here are a collection of testimonials from various Camp fYrefly donors:

"Our decision to invite donations to Camp fYrefly in lieu of wedding gifts was a simple one.; We are committed to helping make the road that we have traveled a little bit easier for the LGBTTQ youth of the next generation. Supporting Camp fYrefly was one way we felt we could make a difference in the lives of our young people. We are honoured to be part of this important work." - Dawn Waring & Nancy Steeves

"All summer camp experiences should provide opportunities for young people to meet new friends, to develop new skills and ideas, and to push some personal boundaries. Camp fYrefly has opened these doors for a group of young people who are too often vulnerable, and hesitant to be 'be who they are.' At Camp fYrefly they are able to grow as individuals and as leaders; to take risks, learn, and laugh with abandon. I couldn't be more proud to support the Camp, and the wonderful people at its foundation." - Dr. Fern Snart, Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

"As a proud and devoted supported of Camp fYrefly, I see the Camp building a solid foundation for future leaders of the queer community and beyond. For today's youth to join together in such a powerful and nurturing environment without the fear of being judged is a dream come true for all of us. As Camp fYrefly continues to succeed and grow, so too will our families, communities, and country. I encourage you to help send a kid to Camp each and every year!" - Murray Billett, Human Rights, and Sexual and Gender Minority Activist

If you would like to include Camp fYrefly in your wedding or special event, we have created a small package to help get you started!