What do Youth have to say About Camp fYrefly?

I decided to come to Camp fYrefly because I want to ...

After Camp, Youth Leaders and Campers are asked to provide feedback on their experiences, and here are a selection of their responses:

"Camp reinforces my self-confidence and peer support network. Coming to Camp reminds me that I am loved by many people, and even thought I don't see these people everyday, their lovs makes a difference in my life." - Camper, 2010

"The main thing I learned at Camp was that there are amazing, courageous people doing incredible work. It was the first time I was able to discuss my 'partner' with complete strangers without feeling uncomfortable." Camper, 2011

"Reflecting back on my experience at camp, the most important things I learned about myself was that my queerness and blackness are not two separate things and my identity is valid." -Camper 2017