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Please consult the Club Sports Handbook (PDF). It is required that all executives and all members adhere to the Handbook.

The following forms are for use by Campus and Community Recreation Club Sports. Please contact the Club Sports Office if you have any questions or concerns about the use of these forms.

Completed forms must be submitted to the Club Sports Office at Campus and Community Recreation in the Van Vliet Complex.


A - New Club Proposal Form (DUE March 1st for clubs wishing to start in September; DUE August 31st for clubs wishing to start in January)
B - Terms of Reference (updated annually, due 1 October)
E - Inventory Record (due 1 October)
P - First Aid Form


B - Budget Report Form (due 30 September)
F - Sponsor Verification Form
L - Deposit Form (please hand this form in when you drop off funds to be deposited)


J - Travel Request Form
K - Travel Roster Form
L - Travel Itinerary From
M - Volunteer Drive Form


F - Anti-Hazing Policy
N - Club Sports Tier System
O - Club Sports Points System

Full Club Sports Handbook (PDF)