Club Application

Current Application Deadline:

The deadline for clubs wishing to start in September is March 1. A January start may be considered under exceptional circumstances if applications are received prior to 1 August.

How to apply

Before you begin the process of applying for club status for your sport or recreational activity, your proposed club:


  • Must not duplicate any other club or service already in existence at the University of Alberta.

  • Must be inclusive to all students

  • You must be able to show that there's adequate student interest in what you're proposing

Once you've determined that your proposed sport or activity club meets these criteria, prepare a formal proposal of the club's purpose for review by:


  • Campus & Community Recreation Club Sports Program

  • The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation (KSR) Service Area Directors - Athletics and Campus & Community Recreation

The formal proposal must include the following details:


  • National Sport Association (NSA), Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) and/or Governing Association

  • Description of competition and/or scope of activity details (including team names and location if applicable)

  • Goals and Objectives

  • Terms of Reference (including required Recreation Services content)

  • Facility requirements (type, length of season, frequency of use, etc)

  • Funding model

  • Financial report on equipment costs

  • NSO and PSO Insurance Coverage (team/group and individual coverage if available)

  • Proposed Coach/Instructor including credentials

  • Team selection procedures (including criteria, evaluation tool, and timeline, if applicable)

  • List of interested students (signatures/ID#)

  • Proposed Executive/Management Model

  • Risk Management Plan

  • Eligibility to be recognized Student Organization with Student's Union (Recreation Clubs only)



  • Make a formal presentation of the proposal of the club to the Club Sports Committee and the Recreation Advisory Committee.

  • The formal proposal must be recommended for approval by Campus & Community Recreation and University of Alberta Risk Management Office.

  • Upon completion of the above procedure, KSR Service Area Directors (Athletics, and Campus & Community Recreation) will be the final approval for the request for recognition of the recommendation brought forward from the Director of Campus & Community Recreation.



  • KSR Service Area Directors reserve the right to refuse recognition to any club requiring extensive funding, facilities or resources.

  • The sport and recreation pursuit must be consistent with the mission of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation and is not a duplication of services.

  • In addition, high liability/risk factors and proper representation of the University of Alberta student body will be considered in the acceptance of a Sport and Recreation Club.

Annual Review:

Clubs will be reviewed annually based on:


  • Participation statistics

  • Facility usage

  • Financial sustainability

  • Compliance with program policies

  • Member in good standing with their PSO/NSA and/or governing association.

How the review will be conducted

The review will be conducted by the Campus & Community Recreation Program Coordinator(s), then submitted for review to the Recreation Advisory Committee and the Director of Campus & Community Recreation.


  • The Director of Campus & Community Recreation, in consultation with the Director of Athletics, will make the final decision as to whether or not the clubs are categorized and serviced appropriately.

  • Issues of non-compliance may result in sanctions based on the severity of situation and due process will be followed.

  • Demotion and/or deletion may be recommended during the annual review process and a more in-depth review will take place with relevant stakeholders.

Club Sports Committee

An executive student representative from each club will be a member of the club Sports Committee. Student leaders will act in advisory role as follows:


  • Act as the communication liaison between the club and Campus & Community Recreation staff.

  • Conduct disciplinary and/or appeal hearings and make sanction recommendations to Campus & Community Recreation.

  • Review applications for new Sport and Recreation Clubs and make recommendations regarding acceptance to the Director of Recreation Services.

  • Review clubs annually and make recommendations for deletion/demotion to Campus & Community Recreation ,

  • Review and recommend Sport and Recreation Club Awards.

  • Advise Sport and Recreation Club staff on policy development.