Esports Leagues

Campus & Community Recreation offers Esports Leagues through the GYO Score platform

CCR offers U of A students and community members the opportunity to compete in various Esports Leagues and Tournaments. The GYO Score platform houses all necessary information (schedules, standings, events calendar, etc).

For Summer 2021, we will be offering the following leagues:

  • Valorant
  • Rocket League
  • Call of Duty Warzone
  • Madden 2021
  • Fifa 2021

Please feel free to join our group by following the steps below:

  1. Sign up for an account on GYO Score. If you’re having any issues registering for an account, this video will help guide you.

  2. Visit our GYO page and apply to join. In order to have your application accepted, participants must use their UAlberta email to verify they are a member of The University of Alberta community. Applications will be denied if another email is used.

  3. Once accepted, you can join any of our Leagues and Tournaments currently being offered! Please familiarize yourself with the rules and the Conduct Board Guidelines (located on the “Rules” page) before playing.

Spring 2021 League Winners

  • 1st: JazzL (Jenkens Leung)
League of Legends:
  • 1st: FEEJ LoLC (Christopher Wood, Kenneth Cajucom, Adnan Shaben)
  • 2nd: Krusty (Alex Hicks, Graceli Licardo, Kevin Zhan, Joyce Fang, Milan Shah)
  • 3rd: Business Students (Ryan Baran, Hetul Patel, Zane Johansson, Ishkaran Brar, Lloyd Castro, Charles Perez, Asheil Biss)
Rocket League
  • 1st: Wolfgang Amadeus Golfcart (Cole Holt, Kyle Poberznick)
  • 2nd: B.F. (Brendyn Cikaluk, Lucas Nieuwenhout)
  • 3rd: The Soviet Reunion (Jenkens Leung, Sary Abulmona)