Intramural Council

The Intramural Council is comprised of all the Unit Managers, Intramural Recreation Facilitators, and Intramural Program Staff. The Council meets to share information relevant to the Intramural Program and to discuss programming challenges and issues.

The Intramural Council holds meetings approximately once per month. The Council: (1) makes recommendations concerning intramural activities; (2) ensures that all policies relating to Intramural activities are implemented; (3) reviews regulations respecting any matters it considers necessary or advisable to carry out Intramural policy and maintain or improve the Intramural program.

Members of the Intramural Council can also make recommendations for changes to Intramural policies and make recommendations for changes to Intramurals programming and suggestions for new programming.

Units designate Unit Managers (up to 4) to handle the responsibilities of managing the Unit. Units are encouraged to appoint the necessary number of Unit Managers but it must be remembered that each unit has only one vote within the Intramural Council.

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