Intramural Cup

What is the Intramural Cup?

The Intramural Cup is one of three trophies awarded to Intramural Units based on the number of Unit Points earned across the year. Units earn points for their participation and achievement in all Intramural events and at the end of the year awards are given to the units with the highest point total in Women's Leagues (the Rose Bowl), Open Leagues (the UAB Cup), and across all events (the Intramural Cup). An explanation of how Unit Points are awarded and up-to-date Unit Point Standings are available online.


Presented to the Outstanding Women's Unit Manager (Tracy David Award)

The Tracy David Award is awarded to the outstanding unit manager, based on exemplary
participation in the Women's Intramural Network, service to their Unit as well as to Campus and Community Recreation.

Men's Unit Manager of the Year

The Campus and Community Recreation Intramural Staff select a worthy recipient to be recognized each year for their dedication, devotion and hard work in promoting our events and organizing their constituents, in the capacity of "Unit Manager". This award was first given out in 2009.

Intramurals Outstanding Participants

Each year Campus & Community Recreation proudly recognizes the top individual participants in the Intramural program. The challenge of being recognized as the outstanding participants requires a person to be a good athlete, while also having a true commitment and devotion to being an avid and active participant in the Intramural program.

TM Johnson Award (Presented for Outstanding Contribution to the Women's Intramural Program)

The T.M. Johnson Trophy is awarded to the Intramural participant who has made the greatest contribution to the Women's Intramural Program based on participation, commitment and service. The first award was given out in 1952

Open Intramural Hockey Sportsmanship Award

Campus & Community Recreation places a large emphasis on the quality of the participating experience and believes that it is even more important than winning. The Intramural Hockey Sportsmanship award recognizes the Open Ice Hockey Intramural team that exhibits great sportsmanship and participation and in doing so, contributes to the positive hockey playing experience of all involved.

IFC Cup - Top Fraternity
The Inter-Fraternity Council Cup is given annually to the Men's Fraternity that accumulates the most participation and achievement points in the Intramural program, with a total of 9 fraternities that competing for this honour each year. Lambda Chi Alpha won the first ever IFC cup in 1994, and since then the title has been dominated by both Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) and Pi Kappa Alpha (Pikes), with 7 and 10 victories respectively.

Alumni Association Trophy - Open Intramurals
This trophy is awarded to the 'C' Conference Unit that gains the most participation and achievement points over the course of the Open Intramural program. The Alumni Association Trophy was donated by the U of A Alumni Association and was introduced in 1983. The "C" Conference recognizes the accomplishments of both the smaller and newer Units in the Open Intramural program. New units enter the program in the "C" Conference and are promoted in subsequent years to the B Conference when they finish in one of the top 3 spots.

Ruby Anderson Trophy (Presented to the Top Unit in the Women's Intramural 'B' Conference)
The Ruby Anderson Trophy is awarded to the Unit that has accumulated the most points, achievement and participation, in the "B" Conference. The "B" Conference comprises the smaller and newer Women's Intramural Units, which can move up to the Women's "A" conference after finishing in top spots.

Robert H. Routledge Trophy - Open Intramurals
The Robert H. Routledge Trophy is awarded annually to the top Unit in the Open 'B' Conference. This trophy was first presented in 1971-72 and it honours the contribution of a former staff member in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, Mr. Robert Routledge, who had a very keen interest in maximizing participation on the campus. The "B" Conference is for the middle-sized Units.

Rose Bowl (Presented to the Top Unit in the Women's Intramural 'A' Conference)
The Rose Bowl Trophy is awarded to the unit that has accumulated the most points, achievement, and participation in the "A" Conference since 1941. This conference is made up of the largest and most established Units in the Women's Intramural Program.

U. A. B. Trophy - Open Intramurals
This trophy was first presented in 1958 and was donated by the University Athletic Board. It is presented to the top Unit in the Open Intramural 'A' Conference. This Conference is very competitive, with many large Units vying for the championship each year. Despite the fierce rivalry between several of these, there is one Unit that has held the title for over 27 consecutive years.

Isabel A. Munroe Trophy (Women's)

This trophy is awarded to the unit with the greatest percentage of participation numbers. It was inaugurated in 1974 and was donated by the University of Alberta Athletic Board.

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