VIDEO | Natural Flow Movement Practice #2, Combo #1 with Chelsea Coghill

Natural Flow Movement Practice #2, Combo #1 - with CCR Fitness Instructor Chelsea Coghill!

Key practice principles:

  • Remember to maintain a smooth and controlled breath!
  • Never push any body part into positions that cause pain
  • Be patient as you learn and progress with new movement patterns
  • Take breaks as needed and allow your skill and conditioning levels to progress slowly
  1. Deep squat & reach: 2-second pause on each side of the reach, stand up and repeat 10 times
  2. Get up: rocking → side bent sit → tall split kneel → split squat → get up (reverse the same way down). Repeat on each side 3 times, alternating sides
  3. Foot hand contralateral reaching: Repeat 10 times per side, then lift knees and hold for 10-60 seconds
  4. Tripod transition: Repeat 3 times per side
  5. Repeat this combo 2-5 times on your own! As your skill level improves, you can add repetitions, increase interval lengths, and/or increase your pace but always prioritize good posture and technique.