Treadmill Desk

Treadmill Desks

Campus & Community Recreation and University of Alberta Libraries have partnered to provide students with an opportunity for an active break while at the library using treadmill desks. Whether you're studying, looking for a quick break from reviewing notes and textbooks or catching up on social media, the treadmill desks are a great way to get up and get moving. Physical wellness doesn't just mean coming to the gym and working out-finding small ways to incorporate physical activity into your day can make a world of a difference for your health and wellbeing.

According to the Alberta Centre for Active Living, some of the benefits of being physically active include:

  • Feel more energetic
  • Boost your mood and feel better about yourself
  • Relax and cope with stress
  • Improve your posture and balance

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines: Adults should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-to vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more.

Current locations

  • Cameron Library (two - main floor)
  • Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (one - main floor)
  • John W. Scott Health Sciences Library (one - top floor and one - main floor)
  • Rutherford Library (one - second floor)
  • Student Union Building (one - main floor)
  • Campus Saint-Jean Library (one - main floor)
  • Augustana Library (one - main floor)

Madeline Smith-Ackerl — Program Supervisor