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Alumni Relations (Calgary Chapter)

Our Calgary Chapter runs between 10-12 events a year, including lecture series events, general volunteerism events, and events that feature our U of A Alumni living in Calgary who are doing cool things or own unique businesses. We also involve our Calgary Alumni in our Alumni-to-Alumni mentorship program, and connect them with other broad volunteer opportunities for Alumni. Event invites are sent out to folks with valid emails and physical Calgary addresses we have in our database. In order to maintain an up-to-date contact information of our alumni, please fill out this form. Our Calgary Centre is a location we hold events at, such as our Calgary Lecture Series, but is otherwise used for classroom space and office space for certain advancement and Campus Saint-Jean members. It is not a public building.

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Office of External Relations

Toll free: 1.877.992.7587

Jennifer Pendura
Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations
Office of External Relations
University of Alberta Calgary Centre
Tel: 403.617.6960

Rehabilitation Medicine

Jamie Rishaug
Administrative Coordinator
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Calgary Satellite
Tel: 403.263.1366
Cell: 403.465.1677