University of Alberta Safety and Security Committee

The working group concludes that University of Alberta safety and security staffing, processes, infrastructure and attitudes have not kept up with growth in antisocial, disruptive and criminal activity on and around its campuses, primarily its North Campus, and that efforts can and should be made to reduce campus crime.
—From the Final Report of the Campuses and Facilities Safety and Security Working Group, April, 2019.

The University of Alberta Safety and Security Committee is a standing committee put in place by university administration in response to the recommendations contained in the final report of the Campuses and Facilities Safety and Security Working Group in the spring of 2019.

The committee makes recommendations to the AVP Risk Management Service and the AVP Operations and Maintenance as part of an integrated security system under the following categories:

  • People – review of security personnel resources. Development and implementation of communication and education plans for the entire university community
  • Physical Barriers – review access to physical spaces
  • Technology and Control Systems – review and develop standards for swipe card access, video monitoring and security intrusion alarms
  • Policies and procedures – Review building and area access practices

The committee will review security performance across campuses through the following sources:

  • Security incident information provided by UAPS
  • Security infrastructure reporting through Facilities and Operations
  • Community security survey results
  • Education and Communication Plans
  • Other sources as appropriate


Membership on the committee should be reviewed annually and participation will be based on interest, security issues and subject matter expertise. Membership must include individuals from the following areas:

  • AVP Risk Management Services (Co-Chair)
  • AVP Maintenance and Operations (Co-Chair)
  • Director of UAPS
  • Building Security Manager
  • Director of Enterprise Risk Management Programs
  • Ancillary Services Representative
  • NASA Representative
  • Students’ Union Representative
  • Graduate Students’ Association Representative
  • Faculty representatives
  • Dean of Students Representative
  • Library Representative
  • Enterprise Square Representative



See the final report of the Campuses and Facilities Safety and Security Working Group