Répertoire du personnel

Ahmed Bouferguene

PhD , Université Poincaré, Nancy, France

Bureau : PM1-90
Téléphone : 780-465-8719
Courriel : ahmed.bouferguene@ualberta.ca
Site web : www.csj.ualberta.ca/ahmed

Intérêts de recherche

My research focuses on developing computational methodologies in quantum chemistry. I am currently involved in two major research projects

[1] First-principles calculations/modeling in heterogeneous catalysis. Currently, our major goal is to understand how modifications of the surface can influence the selectivity of a chemical reaction.

[2] Efficient algorithms for the evaluation of multicenter integrals over Slater Type Orbitals (STOs). The practical outcome of this research is the elaboration of software that will use STOs extensively. Although this ultimate goal is still far ahead, but promising results were obtained during the past few years leading us to believe that such a goal is no longer out of reach.