Univers Café

Since February 12, 2012, there is a cafeteria at Campus Saint-Jean that offers full meals prepared in-house. The cafeteria is located in room 2-12 in the Pavillon McMahon.

Univers Café, operated by Bedouins and Good Mood Food, is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, until the end of April. The general public is welcome.

The Café is closed during the summer months.

Good Mood Food serves a large variety of new, fresh and creative dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy your senses! We feature over 15 different flavours of hummus served with your choice of chips & pita, veggies or both! Our delicious catering menu includes many different rice or pasta dishes served with your choice of Halal Certified meats. We serve ONLY high quality, fresh ingredients and generous portion size dishes. Our beautiful fruit or dessert platters are the perfect addition for your special occasion. Pre-order your complete party package today for your next special event. With pick up or delivery options available, we look forward to serving you your next, Good Mood Food! 

Happy Eating/ Bon Appetit!

To order online (pick-up or delivery) 20 minutes in advance and to see their menu, please visit https://goodmoodfoodyeg.ca/ 

For questions, comments, and suggestions: bedouins@ualberta.ca

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