Carrefour d'emploi

The Office of Field Experiences regularly receives information about job postings from school divisions. We have created a web site, called Carrefour d'emploi, where we post job postings that we received. A new section has been added where school-based experiences will be posted (volunteering, lunchroom supervision, tutoring and how to apply for being an Educational Assistant). 

Foire d'emplois

The 2023 Education Career Fair will be held on Monday, January 23, 2023. For more information, please contact the Career Centre at the University of Alberta.  

Certification in Alberta

In order to teacher in Alberta, even for supply teaching, you will need a teaching certificate. Please visit the TWINS site  and follow the instructions for obtaining an interirm teaching certificate. 

You will also need to contact Teaching Qualifications Service at the ATA so they can do an assessment of your University transcripts to determine your number of qualifying years of post-secondary education.