What's the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2?
Each practicum is 7 weeks long. Stage 1 needs to be completed prior to starting Stage 2.  During Stage 1, students are expected to teacher up to 50% of a full-time equivalent with one full-day by the end of their practicum. In Stage 2, students are expected to teach up to 75% of a full-time equivalent with three consecutive full days towards the end of their practicum.
When can I start my practicum?

Students can start their practicums during their final year of their education program. Generally, Stage 1 occurs in the Fall and Stage 2 occurs in the Spring. 

Do I get vacation time during my practicum?
Students follow the same calendar as set by the school division in which they are doing their practicum.
Do I need to do get a police check before doing my practicum?

Yes, a police check is mandatory for working in all school divisions in all provinces. It must be dated within 6 months of starting a practicum. It is important to request the vulnerable sector police check, as this allows University students to work with students under the age of 18 years old. 

Please allow sufficient time to obtain a police check.

No police check (with vulnerable sector check) = no practicum

Can I begin to teach immediately after completing my final practicum?

Prior to working in a school as a teacher or to be placed on a supply teacher list, the school division will request a letter from Dean of Faculté Saint-Jean, confirming that you completed your Bachelor of Education. 

In order to obtain this letter, you will need to provide the following to the Bureau de Admissions :

  • A copy of the job offer from the school division
  • Proof of application for teacher certification in the province of Alberta (TWINS)

Upon receipt of these two documents, personnel from the Bureau de Admissions will do a check on your student dossier, to ensure that all program requirements have been fulfilled and that final evaluation documents have been received by the Office of Field Experiences. The letter from the Dean will then be provided to the student.

A graduate from the program is allowed to teach for a period of 90 days, as long as they are in possession of these three documents.