Field experiences

This site is for student teachers, mentor teachers and practicum supervisors. On this site, you'll find information about our field experiences programs, workshops and evaluation forms. 

Calling all mentor teachers! We are currently recruiting mentor teachers for the 2021-22 academic year. We're looking for teachers who are passionate and ready to welcome our students in their French Immersion or Francophone classrooms. In Winter 2022, we have approximately 120 student teachers to place, most of whom will be in their second practicum. If you're interested in welcoming a student teacher into your classroom, please complete the form. 

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We're looking for Practicum Supervisors for the 2021-22 school year. Please refer to the job description below. We're looking for educators who have previous experience supervising student teachers, have experience working in a variety of contexts and also speak French.

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Job Posting

Students registering for Field Experiences during the 2021-22 Academic Year should refer to the key dates documents. For those who are registering in a Stage 1 practicum (EDU S 420 or EDU S 470), they must contact their Academic Counselor, as they will be unable to register through Bear Tracks. All criteria must be completed prior to starting a practicum, including DELF requirements.

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