Business Administration Tech


The Business Administration Tech (BAT) program is a two-year diploma. The first year offers a general training for the business field while the second year allows students to specialize in a particular sector. 

The goal of the BAT program is to provide students with a rich and concrete training in the business world. This recipe allows graduates to quickly find a job in one of the major sectors of business administration, according to their specialization. 


The BAT program offers its students, in their 2nd year, the choice of two specializations to refine their skills in major business sectors. The following specializations are currently offered:
  • Management
  • Finance

Please visit the course details page to learn more about the specializations.


Career possibilities

  • Management Consultant
  • Community Development Officer
  • Tourism Development Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Several others...

Program flexibility

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Choice of face-to-face or online courses

Courses in this program are offered online or in-class. The choice is yours!

Online courses

The online education option utilizes the University of Alberta's state-of-the-art training tools by offering real-time virtual classrooms. The eClass e-learning platform allows students to learn and collaborate in a convenient and efficient manner.


Courses can also be taken in person at Campus Saint-Jean, an immersive francophone environment.

Full-time or part-time studies


Courses in the BAT program can be taken full time and the program completed in 2 years. This is normally equivalent to 5 courses in each of the fall and winter semesters.

Reduced course load

Courses in this program can also be taken three or four classes per semester, to reduce the course load while extending the length of the program. All courses must be completed within 3 years of entering the program.

Fall or Winter Admission

Fall (September)

The entry in September is more common. The deadline for applications is May 1.

Winter (January)

The deadline for applications is November 18. Students entering in January should take special care when constructing their schedule to ensure that they have the prerequisites for all courses. These students may be required to take courses in the spring semester.