Course Details: Certificate

The first course of the program is condensed with the goal of enabling students to obtain the Government of Alberta's Child Development Assistant certification. This certification follows the successful completion of the first course of the program and allows students to work during their studies. The schedule for ECE students is designed to allow students to work in an early childhood center during the afternoon programs.

Course list

  • EPE 100 - Le jeu
  • EPE 101 - La communication, l’observation et les interventions
  • EPE 102 - Le professionnalisme dans le milieu de la petite enfance
  • EPE 110 - Curriculum I
  • EPE 111 - Curriculum II
  • EPE 120 - Le développement de l’enfant I
  • EPE 121 - Le développement de l’enfant II
  • EPE 130 - La santé, la sécurité et la nutrition
  • EPE 150 - Stage I
  • EPE 151 - Stage II
  • EPE 202 - Les relations interpersonnelles
  • EPE 241 - L’enfant, la famille et la communauté

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