Additionnal requirements for practicums

The following requirements are not admission requirements and do not need to be completed before being admitted to the program. However, there are some requirements, mandated by the provincial government or by employers, which must be met before taking part in the first practicum. 

The exact deadlines are listed below. Send a copy of your proof of completion to before this date. If you need clarification or assistance with these requirements, email

Guide for students in the HCA program

The following guide is a definitive resource for students in the HCA program. It is only available in French. 

Download the guide now

Successful completion of prerequisite courses

The student must successfully complete all prerequisite courses for the practicum, as indicated in the official description (only available in French) in the University Calendar or on the course details page.

Criminal Record Check

Deadline: October 1

Prior to participating in the internship, the student must submit a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Background Check. The existence of a criminal record may prevent the individual from being able to participate in the practicum and may result in a delay or postponement of the practicum.


Deadline: October 1

The student must first meet the immunization requirements as indicated by the University of Alberta's policy for HCA practicums. Once the student has received the recommended immunizations, their immunization status is valid for the duration of the program.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Some facilities are requiring HCA students to have their COVID vaccines before they can start their clinical placements. The Centre collégial strongly recommends students acquire their vaccine by the first week of classes. 

Full list of required vaccinations

Part A : Must be completed before taking part in the first practicum

  • First dose of Td and/or dTap (pertussis/whooping cough), one reinforcing booster dose of pertussis after the age of 18, and a reinforcing dose of diphtheria/tetanus every 10 years
  • First dose of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Tuberculin (TB) skin test must be done within one year of program start date A positive TB test requires a chest X-ray within six months of program start date
  • A reported history of varicella disease if born in Canada prior to January 2001. If there is no history of chicken pox or you are unsure, a blood test to check for immunity to varicella is required. (if blood test is negative, then the first dose of varicella is required)
  • First dose of hepatitis B

Part B : Must be completed before taking part in the second or third practicum and for employment prospects

  • Completion of Td series
  • Second dose of MMR
  • Second dose of varicella
  • Completion of hepatitis B series
  • Hepatitis B surface antibody blood test (due 30 days after third dose of hepatitis B)

First aid Certificate

Deadline: October 1st

A valid certificate in ressucitation is strongly recommended. Some employers require this certificate for the practicum, so it is recommended that you have it so that you are not limited in potential placement sites.

Alberta Health Services Requirements

Deadline: October 1

The student must complete the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Information & Privacy e-learning module and sign and submit the Confidentiality and User Agreement found at the end of the module.

N95 Mask certification

Deadline: October 1

The student must have a valid N95 mask certification that is less than two years old or have a test fit of the mask provided by the program. Certification is at the student's expense. You must find a service provider, however the CCA can assist via email at