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Course List

  • PSSTC 100 - Rôle et Responsabilités d'un Préposé aux soins de santé
  • PSSTC 101 - Communication & Documentation dans un environnement des soins de santé
  • PSSTC 110 - Le corps humain, la santé et la maladie chronique
  • PSSTC 120 - Prodiguer des soins centrés sur la personne
  • PSSTC 121 - Satisfaire aux besoins complexes
  • PSSTC 122 - Activités spéciales pour clients ayant divers problèmes de santé
  • PSSTC 150 - Stage clinique intégré I
  • PSSTC 151 - Stage clinique intégré II
  • PSSTC 160 - Stage clinique intégré III

In the University of Alberta Calendar, all courses except those taught by Campus Saint-Jean are described in English. For this reason, course descriptions are not available in French for the Centre collégial de l'Alberta's programs. Please switch to the French version of this page to read the official course descriptions. 

Provincial Certification Examination and HCA Directory

To be eligible for a Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Provincial Curriculum (2019) Certificate, students enrolled in the Health Care Aide Program must successfully pass the Alberta Provincial HCA Examination. Successful completion of this exam is mandatory for the Certificate from the Centre collégial de l'Alberta.

This exam must be passed in the 60 days following the completion of all courses and practicums in the course list. Students may have up to 3 attempts in this timeframe. 

Alberta Health Care Aide Examination Candidate Handbook

The Alberta HCA Examination Candidate Handbook is a resource for exam candidates and instructors to assist in preparing for the Exam and understanding related processes. This handbook contains relevant guidelines, procedures, and other supporting information.

Eligibility criteria for the Exam

Candidates must fulfill the following criteria to register for the provincial HCA exam : 

  1. The Candidate must have registered in the HCA directory. (Students should attend HCA student orientation for these instructions)
    1. It is the students' responsibility to complete the form and submit it via email to
  2. Pay the exam fee, 
  3. Sign a consent form, and
  4. The Centre collégial de l'Alberta must confirm the successful completion of all coursework and practicums. For the CCA to confirm this, students must complete the following : 
    1. Students must pass all courses (36*) with a B- minimum. 
    2. Students must demonstrate English language proficiency as indicated in the admission requirements