Recognition of prior learning

The purpose of Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is to allow a potential CCA student with skills or knowledge acquired outside of a CCA program to receive credit for a portion of their education and thus accelerate the completion of one of the programs offered. RPL aims to recognize extracurricular learning (recognition of personal development, work experience or non-credited training, also called continuing education or professional development).

RPL is a serious process and the candidate who commits to this process understands that there are several steps to go through in order to have part of their training recognized. This guide has been prepared to provide information to assist the applicant in this process.

Download a PDF of the guide (French only)

Download a PDF of the application form (French only)


RPL is divided into three types, as follows : 

Non-credit training
Non-credit training refers to professional development opportunities obtained in an educational institution. These courses generally offer a certificate or attestation of participation. These courses may last one or more days.
Work experience
Work experience refers to skills acquired on the job that have been applied repeatedly. This can be demonstrated either through work responsibilities or in the job description of the position. A resume and references from employers may attest to such experience.
Personal development
Personal development comes from skills that are self-learned outside the training or work environment. The applicant may demonstrate his or her skills through in-depth knowledge of a subject or by demonstrating repeated use of a skill usually obtained in an academic setting.


Payable prior to the analysis of the file

In order to complete the opening of his evaluation file, the student will have to pay a $60.00 file opening fee. This fee must be paid before Step 2. In the event that the fee is not paid at that time, the RAC form will be automatically rejected and the student will have to resubmit the form and wait for the next RAC file evaluation sequence.

Payable upon completion of the analysis

If the student successfully completes the RAC process, the student will be required to pay a fee of $50 per recognized course. The course will be added to the student's first study session and the fee must be paid at that time. If the course is not paid before the end of that session, the RAC will be invalidated.

Please note that all fees are non-refundable.