Language training for public servants

Customized Courses for Public Servants

None of our existing courses suit your learning needs? No problem! Whether it is for a one-on-one course or for a group course for your department, we can create a one-of-a-kind training especially for you!

Just complete this Request for information form and send it to us by fax, by email or by post. Upon receipt of the completed form, we will communicate with you and present you with a training proposal within one week.

A customized course could be delivered anywhere in Western Canada.

French as a Second Language (FSL) Courses

Since 2001, the Language School of Campus Saint-Jean in collaboration with the Canada School of Public Service has been providing French language training to the federal government, as well as delivering French programs to all federal departments in Western Canada. We have also been offering French courses to the Government of Alberta. With its expertise and its seasoned teaching staff, the Language School has helped a large number of public officials reach their target levels in French language and continues to do so.

A wide range of French as Second Language Program (FSL) courses are offered at Campus Saint-Jean in Edmonton, a francophone environment 10 minutes from downtown Edmonton, or on the premises of the Department requesting the language training. Flexible training programs can be provided on request at any time of the year, in groups or individually, full-time or part-time, in person or remotely, and are customized to meet the learning needs of learners.

French as a Second Language (PFL2) levels A, B, C

In partnership with Western Economic Diversification, we also deliver group training at various levels through seasonal sessions:

Each session consists of 12 2-hour French classes at a given level.

Sessions run September-December, January-March, April-June, and July-August.

The School of language is a major provider of French language training in Alberta. In fact, it has been providing French language training to federal government employees since 2001. Using the well-known and successful PFL2 program (Programme de français langue seconde) of the Canada School of Public Service, we have helped an impressive number of government employees from across Alberta in attaining their desired French level. Our mastery of the PFL2 program and a strong team of instructors have yielded success after success for our busy learners.

We provide a wide selection of PFL2 courses at various locations in Alberta, including the requesting Department's facility. Training is also offered at Campus Saint-Jean, in the heart of the French Quarter in Edmonton, about 10 minutes' drive from downtown.

PFL2 language training program is designed for federal and provincial government employees, but is open to all those who seek language training focused on public service employment.

Individual training programs full-time and part-time

  • PFL2 Level A & B as well as Level C
  • Second Language Evaluation (SLE) preparation for Level B and C
  • Individual training is available upon request throughtout the year. Training can take place wither at the employee's departmental office, or at the Cité Francophone (with private training room equipped with computer/Internet and phone). Interested employees should forward a completed Request for Information form to École de langues so that a written training proposal can be prepared and submitted within a week.

Click on the following link for a Request for Information form to be printed and completed.

Get Ready for the Public Service Commission of Canada's French Proficiency Tests

Are you preparing for the Public Service Commission's French as a Second Language Evaluation (SLE)? Do you have to renew your French proficiency level already obtained, but are not familiar with the recent changes made in the tests? Have you finished the course Consolidation 3 of the PFL2 program? Is your current or desired position bilingual imperative? Do you plan to join the federal public service?

We can create a customized training to get you ready for the test. Please contact École de langues at 780-465-8780 or

Oral Test Simulation

A one-hour simulation of oral test over the phone with feedback by one of our teachers experienced in preparing civil servants to B and C oral tests. This service is provided all year long, on demand.

To register, use this Registration form.

Warm-Up Before the Oral Test

Just before your oral test, speak French for 30 minutes over the phone with one of our teachers experienced in preparing civil servants to B and C oral tests to warm-up your French tongue. This service is provided all year long, on demand.

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