French Language Training for Teachers

As a teacher of French, you have a role to play as a language model, and you certainly strive to play this role to the best of your ability.

Being a language role model means knowing how to use vocabulary and language structures appropriate to the different communication situations you find yourself in.

If you're looking to perfect your role as a French language role model, "Parlons bien français" is for you!

"Parlons bien français" is an intensive two-week summer course at Campus Saint-Jean in Edmonton (without university credit), designed especially for teachers of French and French as a second language and immersion programes.

Through a series of oral communication activities related to their work as teachers, participants expand their vocabulary in different registers and consolidate their knowledge of syntax and grammar. The course content and teaching strategies will be adapted as far as possible to the specific learning needs of the participants.

This course is not currently available.