CILLDI 2006 was held from July 4th to 14th. Forty-two students from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, and Ontario were enrolled in the following five courses:

LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics for Language Revitalization (Instructor Darrin Howe)

LING 399-B2/599-B1: Comparative Athapaskan (Instructor Melissa Axelrod, Teaching Assistant Maureen Olson)

LING 399-B3/LING 599-B2: Technologies for Endangered Language Documentation and Teacher Resource Development (Instructor Jordan Lachler)

EDEL 496/595: Second Language Acquisition: Teaching Indigenous language and Literacy in an Immersion Context (Instructor Stephen Greymorning)

EDES 401/501: Literacy and Drama in Aboriginal Language Education (Instructor Diana Steinhauer)

Languages spoken by students at the 2006 Institute included Cree, Dakota, Dene Suline, Dogrib, and Tlicho.