CILLDI 2008 ran from July 7th to July 25th. Seventy-six students from Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec were enrolled in either one or two of the following classes:

Block 1 (July 7-16)

NS 103: Cree Immersion for Adult Learners (Instructors Dolores Sand and Audrey Night)

LING 111: Introduction to Linguistic Analysis for Indigenous Language Revitalization (Instructor Darin Flynn)

LING 212: Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Sally Rice)

EDEL 395: Introduction to Language and Literacy Development (Instructor Brenda Kelly)

EDEL 496/595: Developing Classroom Materials and Curriculum for Indigenous Languages (Instructor Solomon Ratt)

EDES 402/502: Significant Aboriginal Sites in the Edmonton Area: A Place-Based Curricular and Pedagogical Inquiry (Instructor Dwayne Donald)

INT-D 318: Techniques for Endangered Language Documentation (Instructor Jordan Lachler)

Block 2 (July 16-25)

EDEL 496/595: Assessment in Indigenous Language Classrooms (Instructor Lisa Krol)

EDEL 595: Policy and Planning for Indigenous Language and Literacy Development (Instructor Heather Blair)

INT-D 311: Language Policy and Planning for Indigenous Language Communities (Instructor Heather Blair)

LING 211: Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Ben Tucker)

LING 213: Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Sally Rice)

NS 104: The Structure of Cree through Immersion (Dorothy Thunder and Laura Burnouf)

2008 was also the first year in which CILLDI students completed the Community Linguist Certificate; there were six graduates.

Languages spoken by students at the 2008 Institute included Cree, Dakota, Dene Suline, Dene Tha, Dogrib, Dunne Za, Gwich'in, Michif, Mi'gmaw, Nakota, South Slavey, and Tlicho.