CILLDI 2011 ran from July 4th to July 22nd. Forty-four students were enrolled in either one or two of the following classes:

Block 1 (July 4-13)

LING 111: Introduction to Linguistics for Language Revitalization (Instructor Christopher Cox)

LING 212: Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Andrea Berez)

LING 311: Building a Community Dictionary Cover-to-Cover (Instructors Jordan Lachler and Joe Wilmot)

EDEL 395-B1: Introduction to Language and Literacy Development (Instructor Martin Zeidler)

EDEL 496-B1/595-B1: Sustaining Language and Culture through Traditional Knowledge and Practices (Instructor Linda Pelly-Landrie)

Block 2 (July 13-22)

LING 211: Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Benjamin Tucker)

LING 213: Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Jordan Lachler)

INT-D 311: Language Policy and Planning for Indigenous Language Communities (Instructor Susan Penfield)

EDEL 496-B3/595-B3: Second Language Acquisition: Teaching Indigenous Languages in an Immersion Context (Instructor Ethel Gardner)

EDEL 496-B4/595-B4: Assessment in Indigenous Language Classrooms (Instructor Alvine Mountain-Horse)

In 2011, six students graduated from the Community Linguist Certificate program.

Languages spoken at the 2011 Institute included Cree, Dene Suline, Dene Tha, Dunne Za, Michif, Mi'gmaw, Nakota, Nisga'a, North Slavey, and Tlicho.

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