The CILLDI 2015 Summer School ran from July 6th to 24th on the campus of the University of Alberta. Classes were held in Assiniboia Hall, Education North, Old Arts, the Computing Science Centre, the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Central Academic Building. Overall, 10 courses were taught.

There were 59 students in attendance this year coming from communities across Alberta, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We also had 11 students in in-community programming.

Block 1 (July 6-15)

LING 111: Introduction to Linguistic Analysis for Indigenous Language Revitalization (CLC) Darin Flynn

LING 211: Phonetics of Indigenous Languages Benjamin Tucker

LING 213: Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages Sally Rice

LING 311: Advanced Cree Grammar Dorothy Thunder & Jordan Lachler

EDEL 306: Introduction to Indigenous Language and Literacy Education Belinda Daniels

Block 2 (July 16-24)

INT D 318: Technologies for Indigenous Language Documentation (CLC) Andrea Berez

LING 212: Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (CLC) Craig Kopris

INT D 311: Language Policy & Planning for Indigenous Language Communities (CLC) Susan Penfield

LING 311/ANTHR 385: Ethnography and Language Revitalization - Understanding Social Aspects of Working with Endangered Languages Sarah Shulist

EDEL 462/595: Developing Classroom Materials and Curriculum for Indigenous Languages Laura Burnouf & Cheryl Herman

In 2015 there were eleven graduates of the Community Linguist Certificate program: Patrice Mercredi (Dene Suline), Elsie Vital-Swanson (North Slavey), Joyce Hunt (Cree), Rhoda Gladue (Cree), MJ Lafferty (Tlicho), Ann Austin (Dene, Cree), Jonas Landry (South Slavey), and Minnie Williams (Cree). Linda Oldpan (Cree), Linda Whitebear (Cree) and Deborah Young (Cree) graduated from the In-Community Program in Maskwacis, Alberta. These students bring the total number of CLC awardees up to 75.

The CILLDI Internship Program ran a fourth time in 2015. The fantastic interns of 2015 were: Constance Hazlett, Bruce McGilvery, Sarah Giesbrecht, Megan Bontogon, Gina McIntyre, Taylor Casavant, Ehecatzin Castillo Bernabe, Élise Hervieux, Lena Vasilyeva, and Jesse Davis. Jordan Lachler was the CILLDI Director for the 2015 institute, and Faun Rice was the CILLDI Administrative Assistant.

The seventh year of the Alliance Pipeline's Young Women's Circle of Leadership (APYWCL) (now called the Young Indigenous Women's Circle of LEadership (YIWCL) place from July 6 to July 15, 2015. The APYWCL program is for young indigenous women aged 12-16. Many of these young women were children or relatives of adult CILLDI Summer School students. Each day, participants were immersed in Cree language and cultural activities involving leadership, drama and technology. Rochelle Starr was the APYWCL Coordinator, and Darlene Auger, Susan Sinclair, Roxanne Tootoosis, Yvonne Saddleback, Elder Margaret Cardinal, Bernie Makokis, Glenda Makokis, Maureen Belanger, Misty Underwood and Fawn Auger delivered and facilitated APYWCL programming.

Along with taking courses, the Summer School students came together for social and cultural events. In the afternoon of July 16th, some students brought their beading, art, and other creative work with them to share with each-other and the community at CILLDI's first Art Show & Market, which was held in Assiniboia Hall.

Later that evening, CILLDI coordinated a sixteenth anniversary banquet at the University of Alberta Faculty Club. The APYWCL participants performed a skit with singing and dancing, written and directed by Maureen Belanger. They also sang the strong women's song, led by Darlene Auger. Additionally, many students sang, drummed, told stories, or delivered spoken word poetry.

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