The CILLDI 2016 Summer School ran from July 4th to July 22nd, 2016 at the beautiful University of Alberta North Campus. 55 students were enrolled in 10 classes spanning Linguistics, Elementary Education, Native Studies, and Interdisciplinary faculties. See 2016 course offerings listed below.


Timetable of courses offered during the 2016 Summer Program

Block I Courses

July 4 - 13

Block II Courses

July 14 - 22

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis for Indigenous Language Revitalization (CLC)

LING 111 - Darin Flynn

Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (CLC)

LING 211 - Tim Mills

Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (CLC)

LING 212 - Jordan Lachler

Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (CLC)

LING 213 - Craig Kopris

Language Policy & Planning for Indigenous Language Communities (CLC)
INT-D 311 - Susan Penfield

Assessment in Indigenous Language Classrooms

EDEL 463/595 - Val Georges

Introduction to Indigenous Language and Literacy Education

EDEL 306 - Belinda Daniels

Leadership in Language and Cultural Education

*Blended online & on-site course*

EDEL 495/595 - Heather Blair

Sustaining Language and Culture through Traditional Knowledge and Practices

EDEL 460/595 - Linda Pelly

Cree Immersion for Adult Beginners

NS 103 - Dorothy Thunder

LING 111 class with Dr. Darin Flynn

In addition to their classes, many of our students came together to participate in both social and cultural events!


July 4th marked the Opening Ceremonies of the 17th Annual CILLDI Summer School. Every year the ceremony provides an opportunity for CILLDI faculty, staff, and students to come together and prepare themselves for the classes ahead. Many participants shared their own experiences in their language, and shared information about language work in their home community.





EDEL 306 class with Belinda Daniels

The afternoon of July 13th the Aboriginal Student Services Centre kindly invited our students to join them for stew and bannock. All of our students were very thankful for the opportunity to eat and relax with their classmates in SUB. In the evening of July 13th, the annual CILLDI Language Festival and Banquet was held at the University of Alberta Faculty Club. In addition to a lovely dinner, the Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership (YIWCL) participated in a talent showcase - the girls performed a skit which re-imagined the folktale of Snow White, and sang the Strong Women's Song with banquet attendees. The YIWCL is a remarkable program now it's 8th year. CILLDI students also sang original songs, and showcased schoolwork at the banquet.

CILLDI Student giving in-class presentation

CILLDI Student participating in some extracurriculars on U of A Campus

On July 19th we were happy to host the first ever CILLDI movie night in partnership with Edmonton Metro Cinema Society at the Garneau Theatre with a screening off "First Language: The Race to Save Cherokee."


Our closing ceremonies on July 22nd allowed for CILLDI students to come together not only to celebrate the completion of their classes, but also to congratulate Community Linguist Certificate (CLC) graduates. In 2016 we had 11 students graduate with their CLC:

Nora Wedzin (Tlicho), Bella Bresse (Northern Tutchone), Alma Wrixon (Northern Tutchone), Sylvia Gladue (Cree), Leslie Saddleback (Cree), Shirley Yellowknee (Cree), Karen Swan (Denesuline), Bridget Machatis (Denesuline), Darlene McGinty (Northern Tutchone), Loretta Mustas-Duncan (Alexis FN Grad - Stoney), and Agnes Ruben (Inuvialuktun).



Community Linguist Certificate Graduates, 2016

In addition to our Summer programming, we were happy to host CILLDI in the Community in Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Alberta in 2016.
Behind the scenes in the CILLDI office, Dr. Jordan Lachler continued in his role as CILLDI Director, expanding the CILLDI office team to include Élise Hervieux as the CILLDI Administrative Assistant and Brieal as a CILLDI Summer Program Assistant. After having been a staple of CILLDI for a number of years, Faun Rice left the CILLDI office team in August 2016 to defend her MA thesis and continue her journey elsewhere.


The CILLDI Internship Program continued on in its 5th consecutive year. Our interns this year included: Xina, Ryan, Ashleigh, Baird, Darb, Sarah, Kimmy, and Samantha. While the majority of our interns are Canadian residents, we were happy to welcome several US residents as interns as well! Ryan and Ashleigh joined our team from the University of Hawai'i, and Baird from The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.CILLDI Interns, 2016


If you would like to see more images and videos from the 2016 CILLDI Summer school, as well as language revitalization news and resources year-round, these can be found via our Facebook and Twitter!