The CILLDI 2019 Summer School marked CILLDI's 20th Anniversary and ran from July 8 to 26 at the University of Alberta. CILLDI also officially gained status as an Institute this year! 102 new and returning students joined us in celebration and attended the 15 classes in the Linguistics, Elementary Education, Native Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Block I Courses

July 8-17


LING 111 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis for Indigenous Language Revitalization (CLC)
Instructor: Darin Flynn

LING 212 Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (CLC)
Instructor: Craig Kopris

INT-D 311 Language Policy & Planning for Indigenous Language Communities (CLC)
Instructor: Sarah Shulist and Rachel McGraw

EDEL 306 Introduction to Indigenous Language and Literacy Development
Instructor: Belinda Daniels

EDEL 460/595 Sustaining Language and Culture through Traditional Knowledge and Practices
Instructor: Linda Pelly

EDEL 461/595 Second Language Acquisition: Teaching Indigenous Languages in an Immersion Context
Instructor: Barb Laderoute

NS 103 Cree Immersion for Adult Beginners
Instructor: Dorothy Thunder



Block II Courses

July 18-26


LING 211 Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (CLC)
Instructor: Tim Mills

LING 213 Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (CLC)
Instructor: Conor Snoek

LING 311 Language development: linguistic foundations of language learning and teaching
Instructor: Andrea Wilhelm

INT-D 318 Technologies for Endangered Language Documentation (CLC)
Instructor: Ashleigh Surma and Atticus Harrigan

EDEL 462/595 Developing Class Materials and Curriculum for Indigenous Languages
Instructor: Minnie McKenzie

EDEL 463/595 Assessment in Indigenous Language Classrooms
Instructor: Velvalee Georges

EDEL 496/595 Literacy and Drama in Indigenous Language Education
Instructor: Darlene Auger

EDEL 496/595 Leadership in Language and Culture Education
Instructor: Heather Blair


Our 20th Anniversary celebrations took place on Wednesday, July 17 and included a lunch of stew and bannock, poster presentations created by the 2019 CILLDI students, and a performance by local singer, Tammy Lamouche and her guitar player, Vanessa Beaudry. This year's banquet started off with songs and drama presented by the Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership before a beautiful dinner and a showcase of talented CILLDI students who shared their songs, guitar playing, animal calls, yoga practice for Elders, and poetry.