Volunteer with CILLDI this summer!

Interested in volunteering with CILLDI this summer? Join us at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, March 11, 2019, in ASH 4-70 for an information session (featuring free pizza!).

21 February 2019

CILLDI Volunteer Program Assistants (VPAs) are a valuable part of the summer program. CILLDI serves a wide variety of students, some of whom may be attending university for the first time. VPAs assist students and instructors in the classroom, act as campus ambassadors, contribute to record-keeping projects, and, if they wish, organize extracurricular events.

Program Assistants are volunteers, but the position provides professional, academic, and personal benefits. Previous VPAs have summarized their experience as follows:

"CILLDI is a fantastic way to learn more about the languages of Canada, as well as the communities that speak them. In addition, you can to put your linguistics experience to use and make a meaningful impact for real people!" - Grant, 2017 CILLDI VPA

"CILLDI provides valuable experience and networking opportunities for those interested in linguistics, technology and language, and language policy. CILLDI program assistants work with and learn from speakers of Indigenous languages from various language families across Canada and professional linguists on the front lines of language documentation and revitalization." - Ashleigh, 2016-2018 CILLDI VPA

Applications are due Friday, April 5. Check out our info letter for more details! We are available at cilldi@ualberta.ca or (780) 248-1179 to answer your questions.