Annual Awards in Ukrainian Studies

The first formal presentation of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies award for best Ukrainian-studies publications in the humanities and social sciences, recognizing publications that appeared in 2013, was held at the Polish and European Studies Centre of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy National University on 2 June 2015. The award is intended to identify and recognize publications issued in a given year that are notable for scholarly excellence and impact among professional colleagues and the general public. The authors whose works were selected received cash awards and souvenirs from CIUS-glass statuettes of Inuit inukshuks as symbols of the unity of continents, people and ideas.

A two-stage procedure guarantees transparency in the selection of nominees for the awards. In the first stage, a selection committee in Ukraine (including leading scholars in a number of subject areas, headed by Natalia Yakovenko) compiles expert assessments of publications issued in the preceding year. Following discussion and voting, the committee prepares a list of articles and monographs that is submitted to CIUS for consideration. In the second stage, a CIUS jury votes on publications in two categories-best article and best monograph-to select winners from the list of nominees.

The following publications were selected to receive awards this year: Oleksandr Zaitsev, Ukrainian Integral Nationalism of the 1920s and 1930s: Essays in Intellectual History; Myron Kapral, Members of the Corporate Association: The Lviv Shoemaking Guild in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries; and Maksym Yaremenko, "Pleasures of the Learned in Eighteenth-Century Ukraine (The Culture of Tea, Coffee, and Wine Consumption of the Church Elite)."