Dr. Ivan Iwanciw and Dr. Myroslawa Mysko-Iwanciw Scholarly Exchanges Grant

CIUS invites applications for the Dr. Ivan Iwanciw and Dr. Myroslawa Mysko-Iwanciw Scholarly Exchanges Grant in support of scholarly engagements with Ukraine. The purpose of the Dr. Ivan Iwanciw and Dr. Myroslawa Mysko-Iwanciw Endowment Fund is to support programs designed to foster scholarly exchange with institutions in Ukraine. Such exchanges and engagements can involve both junior and senior scholars. Scholars affiliated with higher education institutions in Canada may apply to support research-related activities that fit the above description. 

Preference will be given to projects within the area of Ukrainian studies.

A letter of application (up to 750 words) should include (a) a description of how the proposed project fits the purpose of the endowment fund, (b) proposed academic activities, and (c) a budget detailing the expenses associated with the project. Please specify any other sources of support that will be received or for which an application has been or will be made.

The amount of any grant will not exceed $2,500. The number of grants and amounts approved will depend on the number of applications received and considered, and on the available funds in the CIUS budget.

Letters of application should be sent by email to: ciusappl@ualberta.ca

Deadline: 31 March 2021.