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CIUS' 40th Anniversary

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies celebrates 40 years since its founding in 2016.  As this was a special year, CIUS organized, and/or participated in, a series of extra activities in addition to its regular, annual roster of events,listed below:


CIUS Special Events/Activities Summary for 2016




  • the transcription, and the online publication, of CIUS’ 40th Anniversary Conference proceedings;
  • an annotated video of Conference presentations;
  • special issues of East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies on Ukrainian Studies in North America after WWII;
  • a video on CIUS’ 40th Anniversary, as well as videos of oral interviews with former, and current directors, professors, and scholars connected with CIUS;
  • and an electronic archive of CIUS’ resources, journals, newsletters, public lectures and out-of-print CIUS Press books, etc.


Established at the University of Alberta in 1976 through the efforts of its founders, donors, and supporters, such as Professors Manoly Lupul (also the first director of CIUS) and George Luckyj, the Institute is currently home to ten different centers and programs.  A leader in Ukrainian Studies publication in the Western world, CIUS has produced more than 160 books, 65 research reports, and 77 issues of the Journal of Ukrainian Studies, now known as East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies. The continued generousity of our donors provides the opportunity for CIUS to award scholarships, fellowships, and research grants to students and scholars from not only Canada, Ukraine, and the United States, but also from many countries abroad, such as Poland, France, Russia, China, Korea, Israel, and Germany, to name a few.