31st Issue of the journal Ukraina Moderna Launched

01 December 2022


According to the Ukrainian World Congress, there are over 20 million people of Ukrainian origin outside Ukraine. Ukrainians have been documented emigrants making new homes in both expected and more unusual destinations. Now with Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a unique sort of Ukrainian émigré is emerging, one with an uncharted future beyond various nations' initial humanitarian supports. What are the present realities of these Ukrainian displaced persons? What were the vital experiences of previous generations of Ukrainian diaspora?
The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies journal Ukraina Moderna recently published a special issue about the Ukrainian diaspora, with contributors from several countries.
The digital launch of this issue was held on 1 December 2022, and brought together scholars and interested individuals from Canada, Ukraine, the United States, and a wide number of European nations.
Participating contributors included Kateryna Kobchenko, Natalia Khanenko-Friesen, Vic Satzewich, Serge Cipko, and Maryna Hrymych. The panel discussion was moderated by Ukraina Moderna Editor Gelinada Grinchenko.


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