Centres and Programs

Ukrainian-Canadian Studies

Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre

The Kule Ukrainian Canadian Studies Centre (KUCSC) conducts and promotes scholarly research, organizes conferences, solicits and prepares manuscripts for publication, and facilitates the preservation of archival materials documenting the Ukrainian experience in Canada. Its major project is a multi-volume interpretive history of Ukrainians in Canada, the first volume of which appeared in 1991. In addition to gathering information on Ukrainian studies courses at Canadian universities, the Centre is following the development of 4 th wave Ukrainian immigrants to Canada and investigating other key issues affecting the evolution of Ukrainian Canadian life.

Since 1991, Ukrainian Canadian studies at CIUS have been engaged in the long-term elaboration of the Kalyna Country Ecomuseum, providing scholarly assistance in support of heritage conservation efforts within the oldest and largest Ukrainian rural settlement in Canada. The program is also involved in a wide variety of outreach activities, contributing expertise for museum exhibits and documentary films, hosting public lectures, and participating in ethnic and multicultural forums.

The Kule Centre is further committed to fostering the growth of both Diaspora and Canadian studies in Ukraine. In 2006, the Institute, under the auspices of the Ukrainian Canadian Program, launched its own Diaspora Studies Initiative to complement and enhance the work of Ukrainian Canadian studies. The Centre is likewise keen to encourage comparative analyses of minority cultures in Canada, and to promote a broader awareness and appreciation of the contributions made by Ukrainians to Canadian society