Co-director, applied research

Dr. David Eisenstat, MD, MA, FRCPC

Dr. Eisenstat is a pediatric oncologist who is passionate about helping children conquer cancer. In addition to being their doctor, he has an active research program focusing on better understanding retinoblastoma, a malignant tumour of the eye that affects young children, as well as other pediatric cancers and brain tumours with origins during development. 

Dr. Eisenstat joined CRINA as one of the co-directors because he believes that cancer research has much to gain from large cohesive teams involving both scientists and clinicians. He brings his healthcare expertise to inform the Institute on how to better integrate basic research with clinical cancer care. Dr. Eisenstat is the lead on cancer research shared resources in Northern Alberta. His group aims to enable excellence in cancer research by reducing cost, facilitating access to, and providing ease of use for core research facilities. He will also ensure that our technologies are up-to-date and nationally competitive.