Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides strategic and operational decisions for all major CRINA actions. It also receives and acts on reports provided from the operational committees. 

Name Title Department
Lynne Postovit 
Co-Director, CRINA 
David Brindley Co-Director, CRINA  Biochemistry 
Fred West Co-Director, CRINA  Chemistry 
Chantelle Sedgwick Director, TSIs, Operations Translational Science Institutes
Joseph Brandwein Professor Medicine
David Eisenstat Professor Oncology
Catherine Field Professor
Agricultural, Life, and Environmental Sciences
Roseline Godbout  Acting Division Director (Oncology)
Matthias Gotte Chair/Professor  Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Russell Greiner Professor Computing Science
Michael Hendzel Professor Oncology
John Mackey 
Director (Clinical Trials)
Michael Mengel Chair/Professor Laboratory Medicine & Pathology
Michael Overduin Professor Biochemistry
Paula Robson Adjunct Professor School of Public Health
Hasan Uludag Professor Chemical and Materials Engineering
Alan Underhill
Associate Professor  Oncology
Michael Walter Professor Medical Genetics
Roger Zemp Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering


Operational Committee - Advancement & Communications

The Advancement Committee fundraises for CRINA programs, and establishes government relations and various partnerships. 

Name Title Department
Chantelle Sedgwick - Chair
Director, TSIs, Operations 
Translational Science Institutes
Postovit, Lynne Co-Director, CRINA Oncology
David Brindley 
David Eisenstat Department Chair, Oncology Pediatrics
Kyla Denisuick Dickey Director, Development FoMD
Salena Kitteringham Director, Communications & Marketing FoMD
Daryl Silzer Interim Assistant Dean, Advancement FoMD
Michael Overduin Professor Biochemistry
John Mackey Director (Clinical Trials) Oncology
Michael Hendzel Professor Oncology



Operational Committee - Education & Training

The Education Committee ensures long-term sustainability of cancer research through educating all levels of learners in translational cancer research. This Committee plans and organizes CRINA seminars, including the Leaders in Cancer Research seminar series.

Name Title Department
Mark Glover - Chair Professor Biochemistry
Shairaz Baksh
Associate Professor
Shelagh Campbell Professor 
Biological Sciences
Catherine Field Professor  Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences
Michael Hendzel 
Sujata Persad Associate Professor Pediatrics



Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board ensures long-term sustainability of the Institute. This Committee provides valuable insight to CRINA strategic initiatives.

Name Title Affiliation
David Brindley Co-Director - CRINA Biochemistry
Lynne Postovit Co-Director - CRINA Oncology
Frederick West Co-Director - CRINA Chemistry
Gregory Cairncross MD, FRCP(C), Professor University of Calgary, Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute
Carol Cass Professor Emeritus University of Alberta, Alberta Cancer Foundation
Connie Eaves PhD, FRS(C) Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency
Aaron Fenster PhD, FCCPM Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Spencer Gibson Professor University of Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba
John Mackey Professor University of Alberta, CRINA
Gordon Mills MD, PhD MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dennis Slamon MD, PhD
Brad Wouters Professor Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Stephen Robbins Professor
University of Calgary, Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute