Wild Pink Yonder

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do your donations go?
A: The majority of them go to CRINA (Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta), but to a lesser degree, we also fund Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Manitoba Cancer Care and BC Cancer Agency.

Q: How much money must each rider raise?
A: Each rider is responsible to raise a minimum of $100 for each day he or she plans to ride with us, but that's just a bare minimum. We have riders who raise much more than that. Our highest fundraiser to date collected $12,000 in donations!

Q: What specifically do you fund?
A: We only fund breast cancer research, because without research there will be no cure.

Q: How many riders will there be this summer?
A: We don't know! We never know! We try to get riders to sign up months in advance, but some of them sign up the day before they want to ride! We have a policy, though, that we will not ever take more than 30 riders on any given day.

Q: Do riders have to go for the entire 23 days?
A: No.  Riders are welcome to join us for a day, a weekend, a week ... or the whole, magnificent adventure.  It is their choice.

Q: How much money have you raised in total?
A: In total, over seven summers, we have raised $804,532.

Q: What is this organization called CRINA?
A: CRINA stands for "Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta". It is a group of cancer researchers spread over many faculties at the U of A in Edmonton. They look at cancer from all angles. Their objective is to get the latest advances in cancer research from the laboratory to the patient ... so they focus on: cancer biology; novel therapies and biomarkers; prevention, lifestyle and survivorship.

Q: What is the overhead for Wild Pink Yonder?
A: Wild Pink Yonder Charitable Society has just one employee who works out of a home office. Our overhead is as low as it can go. When we get out on the trail, all others are volunteers.