Research Awards

Generous donations from organizations and the community have allowed CRINA to give out many awards and grants to help support the next generation of cancer research.

Supporting Students

CRINA is dedicated to supporting students and their research. We have set up dozens of studentships over the years to offer support at all levels, from undergraduate students to doctoral students, and have also partnered with several organizations such as the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Kids with Cancer Society, and Roses of Hope Foundation.

La Vie en Rose Scholarship

This studentship, made possible by a generous donation from the Roses of Hope Foundation, awards outstanding graduate students conducting breast cancer research.


2020: Joanne Smith, Natasha Rana

2019: Francisca Cristi Munoz, Zelei Yang, Daniel Krys (Learn more about their projects here)

2017: James Donnelly

Kids with Cancer Society Studentships in Childhood Cancer

This studentship, made possible by the Kids with Cancer Society, awards students whose research is relevant to childhood cancer.


2020: Paula Ospina Lopez and Ghazal Babolmorad

Marathon of Hope Graduate Studentships in Breast Cancer or Glioblastoma Research

This studentship, made possible by a donation from the Holsworth Bequest to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and an award from the Terry Fox Research Institute, provides support to a student studying breast cancer or glioblastoma.


2021: Bryce Nelson, Qi Feng Lin, Richard Yuen, Won-Shik (Daniel) Choi), Quinn Storozynsky

2020: Meghan Hall, Fatemeh Mashayekhi, Wisdom Kate, Mostafa Khairy, Marina Lemieszek, Quinn Storozynsky

Rachel Mandel Scholarship in Lymphoma and Other Blood Cancers

This scholarship, in memory of Dr. Rachel Mandel, is given to a graduate student pursuing an innovative research project that strives to generate new ideas about the diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention of lymphoma and other blood cancers.


2020: Nicholas Ruel

2021: Mahmoud Elghiaty and Andrew Locke

William Herbert Young Cancer Research Graduate Studentship

CRINA partners with the Alberta Cancer Foundation to provide a scholarship to an outstanding graduate student conducting cancer research.


2019: Marnie Newell

2017: Amanda Swan

Dr. Cyril M. Kay Graduate Studentship

This award was established to recognize a high caliber graduate student conducting cancer research at the University of Alberta. CRINA partners with the Alberta Cancer Foundation to offer this award.


2018: Amirali Bukhari

CRINA-ACF Summer Studentships

This studentship, a partnership between CRINA and the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF), allows us to provide several undergraduate students with stipend support to conduct cancer research in CRINA members’ laboratories over the summer months.


2021: Jayden Pannu, Natnael Abate, Rianna Nanad, Angie Chen, Dongyu Shao, Heidi Nwosu, Cassidy Eckstrom, Shreya Ravi, Tony Yu

2020: Benjamin Schultz, Kerrylei Jabilona, Sargun Sokhi, Ryan Zhu

2019: Sahil Patel, Laura Enekegho, Angie Chen, Jessica Bennett, Anna Jutla

2018: Yea Jin Yoon, Pramal Kumar Patel, Asna Latif, Da Eun Choi, Sean Larade