CRINA Events

Research Day 2018

The 5th annual CRINA Research Day is scheduled for November 17, 2018 in the Allard Family Lecture Theatre, KATZ building. The event fosters collaboration among the cancer research community in northern Alberta and is an educational opportunity for trainees which also allows them to hone their presentation skills.

Keynote Speaker

CRINA is honoured to present Dr. André Veillette, MD, FRSC (Professor and Research Unit Director, IRCM, Montreal) as this year's Research Day Keynote Speaker.

Using novel molecular, genomics, mouse genetics and proteomics approaches, André Veillette's team has identified and characterized numerous cell surface and intracellular molecules that play a crucial role in normal cell physiology. A number of these molecules are directly or indirectly involved the pathogenesis of leukemias, lymphomas and other malignancies.  These proteins serve as potential targets to improve immune responses against cancer.

Speaker List

Cancer Biology

 Dr. Mary Hitt
"Preclinical Development of a New Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer"

Dr. Fred West
"Unlocking the Door to Cancer Cells Using Fructose Transport Machinery"

Dr. Michael Hendzel
"Histone Acetylation Regulates Chromatin Accessibility by Inhibiting Phase Separation"


Novel Therapies and Biomarkers

Dr. Gino Fallone
"Description and Clinical Potential of the Alberta Linac-MR: Aurora-RTTM"

Dr. Hasan Uludag
"Gene Based Approach to Cancer Therapy"

Dr. Olivier Julien
"Mechanism of Caspase-Mediated Cell Death"


Prevention, Lifestyle, and Survivorship

Dr. Vickie Baracos
"Cachexia: the last Illness"

Dr. Russell Greiner
"Towards Patient-Specific Treatment: Medical Applications of Machine Learning"


Research Day Registration & Abstract Submission

Registration is open! 

Oral & poster abstract submission deadlines have passed, registration remains open.

Please log in to the members only access page to submit your abstract using the registration & abstract submission form. Membership application processing may take a few days. Please note registration is required for attendance, even if you are not submitting an abstract.

Please note that registration is required to attend research day, please register even if you are attending but not submitting an abstract.


Poster Presentation Details

Posters can be a maximum of 60" wide and 36" tall.


Elevator Pitch Competition

This year we are excited to announce the first elevator pitch competition!  We will have 10 of our talented CRINA trainees competing for the top 3 spots at the Research Day.

Prizing Information:
1st Place: $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100