Biobank Survey

This survey will help CRINA leadership assess what biobanking resources (if any) CRINA researchers need to be successful, and will help the ACRB to adapt to these needs. This survey is geared towards non-users as much as it is geared towards users of biobanks. We know your time is valuable and thank you in advance for completing this survey.

1. Which of the following best describes the primary role you undertake on a day-to-day basis?

3. If you don’t currently use/contribute to biobanks, have you in the past?
7. In a perfect world, if Edmonton had a biobank with cheap and easy access to specimens, all of the information/samples imaginable, technical support, etc., how likely would you be to use this bank?

9. What information do you typically know about the biospecimens available to you in your work? (Select all that apply).

10. If all barriers were removed, what information or characteristics about biospecimens would you consider ideal to know in order for you to label them “high quality”?

11. What percentage of the time in your work are biospecimens of “high quality” necessary?

12. Are you willing to pay for “high quality“ biospecimens?
13. In general, is it easy or difficult for you to obtain “high quality” biospecimens when they are needed?
14. Is it easy or difficult for you to obtain the quantity of biospecimens you need for your work?