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Featured Funding Opportunities

The Cancer Research Society is pleased to announce the launch of its 2018 Scholarships for the Next Generation of Scientists competition, an initiative aiming at supporting future generations of Canadian researchers. The Scholarship is broken down into two parts, and extends over a period of 3 years, with no possibility for renewal.

Part 1: Postdoctoral Salary Award - 1 year* - $40,00

Part 2: Operating Grant - 2 years - $120,000 ($60,000/year)

For application details and complete instructions please visit the webpage at this link.

For all questions, please contact Lucille Beaudet or Irina Navarrete at or, toll free, 1 888-766-2262

Deadlines for submitting an application: April 27, 2018, 11:59 pm (EST).

CIHR Observer Program 

CIHR is continuing to offer its peer reviewer Observer Program for early career investigators. This will provide the opportunity to participate as an observer in the peer review process of the Project Grant Spring 2018 competition. This is a valuable learning opportunity for those planning on submitting a CIHR research grant application in the near future (e.g. fall 2018 or spring 2019).  

CIHR considers an early career investigator as a researcher who, at the time of application, has held a full time, independent research appointment, for a period of 0 to 5 years (60 months). All time spent in research appointments will be taken into consideration when determining eligibility. Should an applicant hold or have held a part-time appointment, CIHR will count that time as 50% (e.g., a one-year part-time appointment will count for 6 months towards the maximum). Leaves of absence will be considered in the calculation of eligibility (i.e., will not count towards the maximum) and should be included in the Employment section under Leaves of Absence in your Common CV.

Information on this program can be found on the CIHR website. Please note that the deadline for submission is Wednesday, February 21 and you will require a letter from your institute attesting that you meet the criteria to be considered as an early career investigator. This letter can be provided by your department chair, division director or by the FoMD Office of Research.  

As noted on the CIHR website, if there is more than one candidate for a single committee a lottery approach will be used to select the final observer. 

Please contact CIHR directly if you have any questions regarding this program.

Emergency Strategic Clinical Network research funding opportunities.

Undergraduate summer studentship applications are due February 5, 2018.

Systematic Review grant applications are due Feb, 12 2018.

Both of these opportunities are posted to the Emergency SCN website: 

Cancer Research Society 2018 Operating Grant Competition

The Operating Grants Competition is the principal means by which the Cancer Research Society fulfills its mission to support fundamental, early translational and environment-cancer research on all types of cancer to contribute to the advancement of science aimed at preventing, detecting and treating this disease. The Operating Grants Competition takes place every year and is open to researchers across Canada. 

Amount: $60,000 per year
Duration: 2 years
Start date: September 1

Deadline for Submissions
Letter of Intent: December 5, 2017 (form available online)
Complete Application: February 18, 2018 (form available online)

Kaye Fund Competition

Kaye Fund Competition Announcement Call for Letters of Intent 

Kaye Fund Competition Package

The University of Alberta Hospital, Kaye Edmonton Clinic, the University Hospital Foundation, and the co-chairs of the Kaye Fund Competition Steering Committee are pleased to launch the Kaye Fund Competition.

This opportunity will fund individual or collaborative, interdisciplinary teams in the pursuit of research, innovation, and quality improvement projects that aim to establish new approaches to patient care at the University of Alberta Hospital and Kaye Edmonton Clinic. A total of ~$700K is available and projects from $25,000 to $250,000 will be considered. 

Deadlines: November 29, 2017 (LOI) and March 28, 2018 (full proposal).

An information session will be held on October 27 at 12:00pm (WMC 1J2.47).

DoD GWIRP and PRCRP Program Announcements

ACF Cancer  Detection Challenge

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is partnering with two other organizations for an exciting new investment opportunity. The Cancer Detection Challenge is led by Alberta Innovates, and sponsored by Alberta Cancer Foundation and DynaLIFE Medical Labs. They are inviting members of the Alberta cancer technology, research and clinical communities to identify and support the development of technology to detect and diagnose cancer earlier, improving outcomes for Alberta patients with cancer. The Challenge is broad in scope, inclusionary of technologies across the cancer detection pathway and agnostic to cancer-type. The focus of this call is on detection technologies that can be applied in a laboratory setting, however, other modalities will be considered such as imaging. Applicants must be for-profit companies but can have academic co-applicants.

CCRA-ACRC Funding Opportunities

Current funding opportunities from some of the CCRA member organizations are listed in this link. Organizations are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list.