Guide to Virtual Career Fairs for Employers

Career fairs are a cost-effective way to connect with the U of A students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni, while also raising your campus brand awareness. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the Career Centre will conduct all career fairs virtually.

Virtual career fairs 

Virtual career fairs offer a cost-effective and accessible way for you to easily connect with U of A students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni, no matter where you are physically located. Our virtual event platform provides a user-friendly environment where you can engage with students in multiple formats and over a longer timeline, advertise available positions directly at your booth, and enhance your brand using a customizable virtual booth. 

There are a number of strategies you can use to ensure you make the most out of your virtual career fair experience at the U of A.

Preparing for a Virtual Career Fair

Prepare Your Technology

Confirm that the technology you plan to use is able to support the software platform used, Easy Virtual Fair. We recommend using a desktop or laptop.

When you register for the fair on our campusBRIDGE platform, you will receive an email from us with detailed instructions on how to proceed to Easy Virtual Fair. 

Create an Employer Profile

Let the students know your position with the organization will help them prepare before interacting with you. If you are open to being connected with students after the event, adding your social media accounts such as LinkedIn to your profile can be helpful.

Craft your Company Booth

You will be able to customize your virtual booth that will host documents, links, and videos. Your company booth will need to be completed prior to the fair date. 

Here is a quick demo video of Easy Virtual Fair, the event platform we are using for our career fairs. You will be provided with detailed instructions after you register as an exhibitor.

Research Students

On the day of the fair you will be able to see which students are online. You will be able to send chat requests to specific students either before or during the fair.

Think of Common Questions and Answers

It can be helpful to think of common questions that students may have about your organization and come up with an FAQ list for yourself. This will help you feel prepared on the day of the fair, and allow for faster response times. 

Some common questions students have for employers during COVID-19 may include:

  • Is your office working remotely for the foreseeable future?
  • What does the back-to-work plan for your company look like?
  • As a new hire, what kind of virtual or in-person onboarding and mentorship should I expect?
  • Are all interviews conducted virtually?
  • If your office is working virtually, can I work from anywhere or do I need to be in the city the company is based out of?

Ways to Connect with Students

Students will be able to join the public chat at your booth or initiate a one-on-one text chat with you.

Public Chats

Students can join a text-based public chat at your booth. Group chats can be a great way to share general company information with a large group of students. Many students will feel more comfortable coming into a group chat with your company initially.

One-on-One Chats

One-on-one chats can be conducted through text or video. Students have been advised to have formal conversations with employers through both text and video chats. You can initiate private chats with any of the fair participants. You also have the option to integrate your calendar to allow students to sign up for pre-scheduled chats.

You will be able to download your chat history at the end of the live event.

Pre-recorded Videos

You can upload any pre-recorded videos to your company booth. These videos can include testimonials from past student employees, a tour of the office, or a quick introduction to your company!

Job Postings

If you are interested in hiring for specific roles within your company, you can upload the job postings directly to your company booth.

We would also recommend posting open positions to our campusBRIDGE job board so that students can view these positions after the fair. Students who are unable to attend the live fair will also be able to access campusBRIDGE, so this ensures that you will have maximum exposure for open positions. 

Upload Documents

Similar to an in-person fair, you can provide digitized promotional materials to students as uploaded documents in your booth. These can include any brochures, flyers, or FAQ pages on the hiring process or company culture. 

After the Fair

Follow up with Students

Even after the live event has ended, you will still have access to your chat records, participant profiles including uploaded resumes of those participants who visited your booth, so you can easily follow up with interested students.