Shell Enhanced Learning Fund

The Shell Canada Enhanced Learning Fund (SELF) provides funding for University of Alberta students to participate in experiential learning opportunities that have a focus on sustainable energy, the environment, and the economy, aligning with Shell's core values.

Types of activities eligible for funding include, but are not restricted to, field trips, conference travel and special projects and initiatives. Priority will be given to projects related to the oil and gas industry.

    Key selection criteria

    • Applications are complete and applicant(s) deemed to be eligible
    • Quality of enhanced educational experience to be realized for the student(s)
    • Promotion of each participant's professional development
    • Relevance to Shell Canada's business operations or employees
    • Potential to contribute lasting or 'leveraged' benefits to the community at large in understanding sustainable energy, environment and economy issues and opportunities

    Funding Limits

    Funding is provided by Shell Canada. Funding limits will generally be kept at $1,500 for individuals and $3,000 for groups.


    Students may apply as individuals or on behalf of a club, team or association.

    • Students must be registered at the University of Alberta at the time of the activity. This includes full-time, part-time, undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Clubs, teams or associations (CTAs) must be registered at the University of Alberta and/or be endorsed by their home Faculty/School. CTAs must provide evidence they have the administrative capacity to manage funds.

    Priority will be given to projects related to the Oil and Gas industry and applicants from the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Alberta School of Business.

    How to apply

    1. Carefully review the SELF Terms of Reference. You may also want to preview the contents of the application form in order to prepare your materials.
    2. Submit a complete SELF Application Form online, by the relevant deadline. Complete the Group Member spreadsheet if you are a group of applicants.

    Completed application packages must include the following components:

    • Activity Budget
      1. Completed individual or group SELF Budget Template

        SELF Budget Template - Individual
        SELF Budget Template - Group

      2. All eligible expenses associated with your activity. SELF will only reimburse you for the approved expenses listed in your budget that you have an original receipt for. Expenses must be in alignment with University policy.

        For travel policies, carefully read Travel Reimbursement Procedure and Schedule of Allowable Travel Expenses

      3. An explanation of the expenses and calculations used and uploaded documentation on Bearsden (e.g. e-receipt, screen shot of estimate) showing how you determined each expense.
    • Activity Description

      Provide a description of the proposed activity in detail, explaining how it is expected to benefit you, and your group members if applicable, in the following ways:

      Enhance each participant's educational experience.

      Promote each participant's professional development.

      Provide learning and professional development for other current and/or future students interested in sustainable energy, environment and economy.

      Demonstrate relevance to Shell Canada's business operations or employers.

      Contribute lasting or 'leveraged' benefits to the community at large in understanding sustainable energy, environment and economic issues and opportunities.

      If presenting research: Please note that your activity description can touch on your research topic. However, the description is intended to focus on the proposed activity and not solely on your research.

        A selection committee composed of faculty and student representatives will review applications using the SELF Terms of Reference as the basis for decisions.

        You will be notified via email if your application is approved. Please review the report and reimbursement processes.

        Approved funding may only be used towards the specific activity you list in your original application form. If you are no longer able to attend that specific activity, the funds will be forfeited. The funds cannot be transferred to a different activity.

        The application deadline has been extended to April 26, 2020 (11:59 pm) for activities taking place from July to December 2020.

        Apply Now

        Report and reimbursement

        To arrange reimbursement:

        • Submit your SELF Final Report online. It includes a financial accounting for SELF monies and reflection on the benefits and outcomes of the activity. This is due within 20 days of completion of the activity.
        • Schedule and attend a reimbursement appointment once your report has been reviewed. Bring your original, itemized receipts for each expense (and boarding passes, if flights were involved).
        • Rules for receipts and expenses
          1. If a receipt is in foreign currency, you will need to provide your bank/credit card statement for proof of conversion rate. Otherwise we will use the OANDA currency conversion site.
          2. Only those expenses which were approved for funding in the original budget and for which original receipts are provided will be reimbursed. Your reimbursed expenses cannot exceed the amount you were originally approved for in your budget.
          3. Proof of payment is required for all expenses (i.e. original receipt, bank/credit card statement, e-transfer confirmation). Lost receipts will not be reimbursed.
          4. If a third party (i.e. department, student group, etc.) has paid for an expense on your behalf, documentation will be required to provide you have paid them for this expense. This supporting documentation may include, but is not limited to an official receipt, bank/credit card statement or e-transfer confirmation.
        Once your reimbursement package is submitted, you will receive your funds within approximately three weeks.