ALES Mini-Internship Program

The ALES Mini-Internship Program matches students with a community-based farm or other Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Science organization for a 3-day workplace visit over Reading Week.

Program Dates

Winter Reading Week: February 19-21, 2020


The ALES Mini-Internship can help you:

  • Become more aware of your potential career options within your industry.
  • Learn how to apply your education, training and/or experience.
  • Test a career option before making a commitment to pursue it.
  • Make useful connections to develop your professional network.
  • Gain hands-on experience in your industry.


  • Must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Alberta
  • Must be enrolled in, or have previously completed Animal Science (AN SC) 101 (previously Animal Science 200), or have previously participated in the mini-internship
  • There are currently no academic requirements for mini-internships outside of Animal Science

Student Requirements

Students selected into the program must:

  • Pay a $50 program fee, due only if you are successfully matched.
  • Attend the program orientation.
  • Attend the program wrap-up: We host a wrap-up event after the program to discuss the program and encourage you to reflect on your experiences.

Please note that the ALES Mini-Internship is a work experience program where you will actively participate in the work that your host is involved in, which may include significant physical labour. It is your responsibility to contact your host to plan and discuss expectations of your time with them before your mini-internship begins.


Applications for Fall 2020 will open in September 2020.